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The Artist


Wendy Higbee Carando does not lack any and accompanies you in the discovery of her whispering papers.

Her adventure began in 1975 with a bag, a guitar and an appetite for the wind! Wendy leaves her native California to adopt the sparkling Provence.

The story is one of love and it still lasts.

Her art is nourished by her encounters.


Whispering Papers

French-American artist, awarded from the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Literature, Wendy is inviting you to explore her expressionist paintings executed with the Nihonga technique.

The materials are drawn from the mineral, botanical and animal kingdom. The blue is thus drawn from lapis lazuli and the white from shells.

In its June 2019 issue, ELLE magazine describes the artist as “unique”.

Her painting has a velvety, shimmering quality not found in any other technique.

Wendy is inspired by her memories, her imagination, the living!

Calligraphy and the secret of the four treasures of the scholar

If she masters plein air, painting with oil, watercolor or acrylic, the revelation comes under the guidance of the masters Ji Dahai, Xiaochui Li and Kazuaki Tanahashi. They initiated her to the secrets of the four treasures of the scholar: the brush, the Chinese ink stick, the rice paper and the ink stone.

Enriched by all these skills, Wendy combines them to offer you a unique poetry.

She plays with and sublimates the lights, shadows, colors and all the contrasts of life.